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Smatree SmaPole Y1 Telescopic Pole for GoPro Hero6/5/4/3+/3/2/1/Session (WiFi Remote Controller is NOT Included)

17.5″to 48.5″

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UPC: 701056714537

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  • By devin37354

    2014/11/19 3:10:25

    This is a wonderful pole

    This pole is very well made and I really enjoy using it.. The poles quality is top notch and I would recommend it to anyone needing a pole for either their gopro or cell phone.. The pole comes with all the attachments you need and they are included in the price.. The pole is strong enough to hold my 6 inch OnePlus one phone and can hold the smaller phones as well! It can even hold regular point and shoot cameras

    Hopefully I'll get a chance to try another smatree pole in the near future because I am sure they are just as well made as this pole!

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  • By Go Rogue

    2015/1/14 5:31:16

    SMATREE = Quality.

    Once this came in, I HAD to try it out. I took my wife's smartphone and my GoPro along with my Canon DSLR and had to test out the pole. The Cellphone holder doesn't clamp down too tightly onto your phone, so you definitely dont want to swing it around and have the phone pop out but what it does so is allow you to use your phone as a selfie pro! This is also great if you're on Skype of FaceTime and you want to show off the area to a friend of show the other person on the phone a close up of something you cannot reach if you didn't have the pole. The GoPro tripod mount is great and screws onto the pole tightly along with the DSLR.

    Most importantly, this pole is quality! Tight connections, smooth adjustments and an overall great feel.

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  • By tanner_127

    2015/1/15 6:36:11

    Smatree WiFi Remote Telescopic Handheld Selfie Pole / Monopod + WiFi Remote ClipCase for GoPro, SJ4000 Camera/Cell Phone

    This pole is great! I recently used this pole for a snowboarding trip and it did a great job. This pole has clamps for adjusting the length instead of just turning the rubber pieces like the smapole S1. It is much easier to adjust the pole with gloves on. I also love the fact that the pole came with a phone mount. It is very easy to get the phone into it and I know it will be secure. This is a great product!

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  • By Go Rogue

    2015/1/24 3:16:49

    A great all around product.

    Beyond using a GoPro, this holds smart phones very well (although I'd caution you using it for extreme activities as the phone will fall out). Put your smart phone in the holder and take normal selfie shots, typical low activity video. Easily sway the phone holder for the GoPro tripod mount and you have a great pole that allows you to use the GoPro in more extreme activities... This is also a great monopole for your DSLR, Point and Shoot or older style cameras. Great multi use pole that slides smoothly and locks up pretty tightly.

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  • By Bryank930

    2015/1/30 21:43:39

    Excellent multi-tasker!

    Very nice multi-use selfie pole! It comes with a gopro tripod adapter AND an additional gopro screw (nice touch). It also has an adjustable "jaw" to hold most phones or small cameras. I have not used the phone part, but the spring has good tension and should not have a problem holding anything that fits. The gopro wifi remote holder is a nice addition, but a little difficult to remove if you don't need it. Other than that, everything works smoothly.

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  • By gigglez916

    2015/2/16 12:30:03

    Quality Monopod!

    This is one of my first Smatree products, and so far, it's great! Here's what I think.

    -The quality of the entire pole feels solid. Even when it's extended to it's fullest length, the pole will barely flex. I've even attached my DSLR to the end of a the fully extended pole and it held up fine. I don't actually recommend doing this because it is quite heavy, but this demonstrates the strength of the pole.
    -Locking mechanisms on the monopod are tight. The monopod won't accidentally slip in or out in use. I've tried putting some force to shorten and lengthen it while the locking mechanism is engaged, but it just won't budge. So in normal use, perfectly fine! It's actually pretty quick easy to adjust to desired length. No twist/screw locks, just a simple lever.
    -I'm not sure if this is a hidden feature since it's not mentioned anywhere, but there's a small convex mirror at the head of the stick! Perfect for composing all those selfies. After all, it is a selfie stick. At full length, you probably won't be able to see it though. If you have a GoPro, you're probably in the picture anyway.

    -WiFi GoPro remote clip is tight, maybe a little TOO tight. It comes attached when you order it, and since I don't have a remote, I wanted to remove it. I actually spent about 5 minutes trying to remove it from the pole. It took me a lot of force to remove it. There's included instructions that kind of tells you how to install/uninstall, but I didn't think it was too useful. I just used brute force. Good thing the remote clip didn't break, which means it's sturdy. Maybe Smatree should ship the clip unattached so whoever wants to use it can clip it on themselves.
    -Phone cradle doesn't feel too solid. It'll do the job fine, but it feels like it might crack if dropped. The cradle is lined with some soft foam so it doesn't scratch your phone. I have a larger phone (iPhone 6 plus) with a case, and it barely fits into the cradle. For other phones, it'll hold fine.

    Overall: Great buy. It's a solid stick and it does the job right. At about half the price of selfie/GoPro poles, this one's great for the price! I'd definitely recommend this pole.

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  • By tommy2tone

    2015/2/18 5:25:07

    Amazing Product!

    This is one of the best go pro selfie poles you can buy. It feels very sturdy and well built, but also light and functional. The wifi remote clip is very handy when using the remote and the pole at full extension. The capability to use your phone or normal camera along with you go pro really sets this product apart. The phone holder will fit most phones and holds them securely in place. It fit around my iPhone 5 with a case on with no problem. I you haven't bought this product yet then you are missing out.

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  • By Larry

    2015/2/24 8:32:28

    Great pole at a great price!

    As with all the Smatree products I have gotten, the delivery and packaging was excellent. This is my first pole, so I have nothing to compare it to. After using the pole for a week now, I find no flaws with it. The pole is strong, light, compact and easy to extend. The clamps work easily and allow no movement after they are clamped down. The tripod mount makes the pole very versatile and allows you to mount other devices besides a phone and a GoPro. I was able to mount my iPhone 5s and my HTC One using the phone cradle without any problems, but wouldn’t sling the pole around too fast. A locking device on the cradle might help this. Overall another great product from Smatree.

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  • By kicho91

    2015/3/26 11:58:19

    Excellent Functional Pole

    The Smatree SmaPole is a good functional pole for cameras and GoPro's. The features I like the most about this pole is that it is extendable and that it has a Wifi remote clip for the go pro. One critique of the pole is that there were no specifications of whether the pole was waterproof/suitable for diving underwater. Another critique of the pole would be on the length go the pole when retracted was fairly long and I wish the length of the pole was smaller while retracted (while maintaining the original length of the pole at extension if not longer). The quality seems to be good as well. I tried skiing with the pole and the pole did bend when I fell. The bend was at the end of the pole toward the camera when the pole was fully extended. Even though the pole did bend I would say the quality of the pole is good because the pole bend was very minimal with the extreme skiing fall. With the bend, the pole could retract completely. Features that I liked included the included gopro mounts and the cell phone holder accessory. I also liked the mechanism for locking in the pole length. The large clips allowed me to close the length of the pole while wearing thick ski gloves. Overall, I would recommend this product because of the functionality of the product.

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  • By mdjwholesale

    2015/3/9 5:13:58

    Great Quality Pole

    I have to say that we really like this pole. i used the pole to make a video of me and my daughter playing out in the snow. the pole is very easy to use and having the holder for the remote is great as it made it so easy to use all in one hand. quality is very good overall. great length also for making a very wide shot.

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  • By DWC67

    2015/4/14 6:03:02

    Awesome selfie stick

    This pole has it all. Great locking clips. Adapter for GoPro (tripod mount), adapter for a cell phone. Clip to hold the GoPro remote. GoPro bolt with and extra nut. Lanyard. It has all the accessories you'd need to talk selfies. No complaints, and I believe this pole will hold up to frequent use. Nice job Smatree!

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  • By blackluca90

    2015/4/16 22:56:28


    This is the best pole i've ever seen. It includes a series of features like the mini mirror or the tripod screw at the base that make it absolutely a must have. The go pro mount included in the package is excellent and it was a pleasant surprise to receive it inside. The materials are sturdy and high quality. once you extend and lock it remains perfectly in position. Easy to handle and very light.

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