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Smatree SmaCase G160 Carrying Case Compatible for Gopro Hero 7,6, 5, 4, 3+, 3, 2, 1/DJI OSMO Action Camera( Camera and Accessories NOT included) -Black&Red


Product Specification:

UPC:701056779963 (CA)

1.SmaCase fits for GoPro HERO camera and accessories and keeps them well organized and protected with excellent cut Foam Interior

2.Perfect shaped compartments fit for ONE GoPro HERO4/3+/3/2/1 camera and ESSENTIAL accessories (Refer to pictures)

3.Elastic mesh pocket with a zipper enlarges the storage space for cables or other accessories and keep them in good condition

4.Convenient hand strap and caribiner loop for easy carrying. The loop can be easily attached to a belt or large bag

5.Size: Medium, Dimensions: 8.6 x 6.7 x 2.7 inches compact and easy to store in backpacks or carry-on luggage; recommend for traveling and home storage

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  • By Madman523

    2014/11/23 9:04:06

    great case

    holds everything you would need an the foam holds it all in place and the durabillity is great an the size fits well in a go bag awesome product makes it alot easier to take what you need

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  • By pmihalevich

    2014/11/25 12:13:36

    Very nice looking case. ...

    Just received my G160 today. Very nice looking case and seems to be very solid in it's construction. It's nice to have found a case that was made for my gopro. Looking forward to packing it full of gear. If you're in the market for a new case and you don't want a oversized case that is your case

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  • By Handyman49424

    2014/11/26 10:56:39

    Nice and Roomy for its size

    It may look small but has plenty of room for all your stuff and more.

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  • By vericovsky

    2014/12/1 14:23:49

    Not bad

    It is good product for packing items and carrying. Battery cuts fit perfectly, but camera cut does not fit tightly for my hero4 silver.

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  • By inflictedphotography

    2014/12/3 23:41:49

    very good case

    Overall the case is great, it fits one camera and some accessories but the downfall was the shipping company lasership, my package was promised by 8pm and it got delivered at 11pm

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  • By Brett Reider


    Great product, great customer service.

    Fits everything perfectly, and the build quality is fantastic. Currently holds GoPro Hero 3+ Black, 2 extra batteries, WiFi Remote, Headstrap Mount, Floaty Backdoor, extra Backdoor, GoPole and a wrist strap.

    Smatree customer service is also top notch. Originally ordered a smaller version (5.9" x2.7" x4.7") and it didn't work for my needs. After issuing a return request, their very kind customer support contacted me and offered to let me keep the original case upon ordering the larger version. Great service!

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  • By Davey B.


    Perfect case for GoPro owners that want to carry along a few accessories with their camera

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  • By bweaver


    GoPro Protection

    I looked at and read reviews on several GoPro cases before choosing this one. Two main reasons I made this choice was that (1) the description made it clear that the foam dunnage was made to accommodate the Hero 3+, which I have and (2) the lid compartment (which most all of the GoPro cases have) is in this case zippered. If you like what is stated in the description and like what the case looks like in the photos, then you will be happy with this case. It is true to the description and photos. I have my Hero 3+ with quick release buckle attached, two spare batteries and their charger (Wasabi Power), the Wi-Fi Remote, an X-Lapse "egg timer" pano gadget with the iPhone holder that came with it and the memory card adapter all in the main compartment. Cables in the lid compartment. There's no way I wanted a case big enough to carry all the mounts, etc that I will probably collect over time, so I'm also happy with the size. I wasn't looking for the absolute minimum size case either. This one holds all of the essentials and is very portable. Good protection all around and recommended.

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  • By lhoff



    I love the idea but, the foam doesn't hold the Go Pro in as well as it should. Once I pick it up I can hear/feel it come out of the foam.

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  • By wrangler95


    Overall this is an awesome case for the GoPro

    Overall this an awesome case for the GoPro. Usually I wouldn't put "small" and "roomy" together but somehow for this case they both seem to just fit. It is surprisingly small yet let me fit my GoPro Hero 3+ Black in the standard housing along with the lcd backpack and the lcd backpack waterproof back door, the floaty backdoor, two extra batteries, the remote, the tether and white rubber plug for my surf mount along with the cables/plugs and a lens cleaning cloth without having to "over stuff" the case. It's the perfect "day bag" or "day case" for the beach when I bring my GoPro surfing etc. Sadly, it's about 2 inches too small in one directiono to fit my chest mount so it won't be able to come on all my day trips.

    It's not crush proof or water proof but it's durable enough to easily withstand any accidental drops or other items in your back seat or trunk rolling over onto it. Its plastic shell has a nice outer nylon cover with dual zippers and inside is a pre-cut foam insert. I liked the pre-cut better than diced foam as with diced foam sometimes when trying to remove pieces to create openings with a very narrow divider the diced foam tears forcing you to have to glue it back together. If they ever release a version 2 I would like to just see the large pre-cut piece on the left instead be two pieces in case you only want to remove half for what you need that day.

    I would definitely recommend this to anyone as a quality day case for those day trips where you only need minimal gear and it will serve you well without having to worry about the safety of your expensive GoPro.

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  • By Brad Fitzgerald


    Quality case for your GoPro and all those bits and pieces you need to make awesome videos.

    This is a well designed case for carrying one GoPro and most smaller accessories. If you have a larger case that holds everything you own, adding this case to your collection is a must do. You can use it as a smaller day case where you take just what you need (although more than you think).

    When I pulled it out of the box, my impression was that this was a pretty small case and I was skeptical that it could contain everything my current case holds (a GoPole Case, which is great case BTW). My previous experience with Smatree had been with their excellent Battery and charger set which impressed me very much, so I put my first impression aside and set to work packing the case.

    I managed to get the following into this case:
    -Floaty Back
    -Extra Back
    -GoPro Frame
    -2 Smatree Batteries
    -Smatree Battery Charger
    -Smatree Car Adaptor
    -2 USB Cables
    -Spare Memory Cards
    -Various Mounts (approx 20 pieces)

    The only things from my GoPole case that I could NOT fit into this case were my Joby Tripod and my GoPole Bobber mount. These are bigger than the case themselves so I knew they wouldn't fit.

    One of the major PROS of this case is the foam padding inside the case. It provides a secure hold for all of my items especially if your day is going to be particularly active. The top flap of the case looks like it won't hold much, but Smatree's clever designers find extra space where you expect none. There is a surprising amount of hidden depth in the top flap of the case, and since it is recessed, whatever you manage to get in there will not interfere with the items snuggled in the foam.

    Overall the quality of the case is very high and I would definitely recommend adding it to your collection. One last note, as much as I love a brand, Smatree doesn't overdo it by slapping their logo all over the case. I appreciate that my case is not just an ad for their company and they let their quality speak for themselves.

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  • By D. Stephens


    Amazing, light weight case!

    Amazing product. First, Smatree is a GREAT company that actually uses real gopro users to test their products. I was chosen to test this case which means I did receive it for free BUT this is 100 % an honest review.

    The normal case I use for my gopro is a pelican. Pelican cases can be big and bulky but are great for very wet, damp, and extreme conditions. But what should I use if I am backpacking? Traveling to the beach? or doing something else where a bulky case isn't the best choice? SMACASE to the rescue! This case really really protects the camera. Its a very durable case and holds a whole lot! It takes up very limited space in a suitcase or backpack! The quality is great, the case is hard enough and has enough cushion to protect the camera from the biggest drops, and the case is water resistant!!

    Case has plenty of cutouts and is designed 100% for the gopro!!

    I would highly recommend this case to anyone!!

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  • By hidden


    Like a clown car, small on the outside, bigger than expected on the inside.

    This case is like a clown car, small on the outside while it fits more than expected on the inside. The exterior of the case is strong and sturdy with excellent stitching, black in color with a red accent (love this small touch). While the most important part of the case is what's inside, you'll find accurately cut dense foam that isn't easy at all to tear with regular use and feels like it'll hold up to the many times one would pull out the GoPro and the many accessories. As I stated earlier, you can fit many GoPro related items without over crowding or making it difficult to find what you're looking for. This case allows you to fit at least two GoPro cameras and many accessories while protecting everything. The only thing I'd recommend is a loop on each side of the handle that would allow the SmaPole S1 to slide into and hold so everything is together. That's only a recommendation and not a flaw with this case. Buy one and I hope your just as happy as I am with this case. Sure beats the clunky camera case it replaces by many many miles!
    -edit- fixed typo.

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  • By G. Jones


    Holds more than you would think.

    Holds more than you would think. I have packed this case to capacity, and was amazed how much I was able to fit. I have 2 cameras in cases, 3 spare batteries with charger, usb cables, remote, lcd screen (can hold 2), extra back doors, extra memory cards, and various mounts and adapters. My telescoping pole barely didn't fit, but might if I disassemble the pivot joint. Foam padding is good and durable, adding great protection without taking up too much space or adding a lot of weight. The padding is also easily removed if you don't like the layout or want to use it for something other than a gopro. The zippered inside pocked is awesome, it holds a lot of loose items. The outside case is fabric texture, which has helped to prevent the case from sliding around on the floor or off the seat of my Jeep when off roading. The outside of the case is also rigid and able to take some pretty good impacts without being damaged and still protect the gear inside. It is not water proof, but i'm sure it could handle a fair amount of rain, snow, and mud without any problems. It has a strong carry strap for easy grab and go. It also gas an attached carabiner that can hook to a backpack, belt loop, repelling harness, ect... It is a great case that is just the right size for everyday use. I recommend it for anyone who uses a gopro.

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  • By James P. Morgan


    My "Grab and Run" Case

    First off I'd like to say I won this case on a GoPro forum with the promise of leaving a review. I have several Smatree accessories for my GoPro Hero 3+ Black camera that I purchased and have found them all to be solid, useful items. I own the Smatree GA700-2 waterproof case which I really like. The case holds camera, cases and many accessories. I really like the case but it is BIG. I saw this G160 case and thought it would be an excellent "Grab and Run" case. If I had someplace to go and didn't need all my accessories it turns out to be ideal. The case holds my Hero3+ with LCD back installed in a skeleton case. I also have room for my waterproof case, 2 or more batteries and several fittings. In the zippered section I have room for cables and a small tripod. I could carry the Wi-Fi remote but since I have never used it I keep it in the big case. I like that the mesh fabric area is zippered to keep any smaller parts from falling out. I have placed all the items I've mentioned above in the G160 case and I still have room for more. I wouldn't replace my GA700 case for this one but when you just need the camera and a few accessories it's ideal.

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  • By jarielmartinez

    2015/1/14 11:41:59

    Excellence at it finest

    At first I was skeptic about purchasing this item since there're a lot of brands in Amazon which some are just cheap made so one can buy at an affordable price. I took a jump on Smatree since they had a lot of accessories etc. I was looking for a case and said to myself if its cheap it will be only for carrying so no biggie there and price was superb I took the chance.
    When the case arrived I opened it with no much enthusiasm since I wasn't expecting something with good quality. To my surprise I must say the quality is excellent, exceeded my expectation in every way. Material used, finishes, details etc. It's a case that can be taken anywhere and I'am confident it will last.
    I wasn't considering in purchasing accessories for my camera but seeing this case quality it just assure me that Smatree is here to make a statement on building quality products. Which I now look forward on purchasing accessories from Smatree for my camera for when I travel and so extreme sports and have my camera safe.

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