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Smatree Smacase H400 Carrying Case for C. A. H. Card Game, Blue

15.5 " x 8.25 " x 3.12 "

Product Specification:

Product Dimensions:16.4 x 9.2 x 3.4 inches
Item Weight:1.9 pounds

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Best Protection for Cards Against Humanity - Ideal for Carrying or Home Storage 

  • This case features compartments with 4 moveable dividers perfectly for Entire CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY SET

  • Unique design enlarges the storage space for C. A. H. cards, holds up to 2300 NEW cards when remove all dividers

  • Convenient hand strap and carabiner loop for easy carrying. The loop can be easily attached to a belt or large bag

  • Can also be used for any playing card games like Crabs Adjust Humidity, Uno, Phase 10, Pokemon, Magic the gathering, Poker, Yugioh, Apples to Apples and much more
     keeps your cards well protected and organized

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4.77(based on 61 reviews)

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  • By Carl Franklin, JD/PhD

    August 13, 2015

    Excellent product that has a wide variety of uses

    This was an absolutely great purchase for me. I wasn't sure what to expect, especially given the price point, but the product far outweighs my expectations. The case is made of a very high quality, sturdy material which feels a bit like new denim or well-crafted waterproof material. The stitching is smart, very precise, and looks great against the material. The zipper flows easily from both sides and provides a very secure closure. In fact, I especially liked the way the zippers came together to create an almost nonexistent gap in the material. They gave the overall case very smooth look which was appealing to everyone who saw it. On the first day I used it I probably had 15 people comment on the case in its quality.

    I've never been much of a card game player but recently got into a couple games with my oldest son. He is an engineer and really appreciates quality workmanship whenever he sees it. I showed up at his house for a game last night and when I showed him the case he spent almost 20 minutes looking it over and trying to talk me out of it as an early birthday present for him. No way! Even if I stop playing the game I can see getting a lot of use out of this case. Because I like it so much and because I can see so many options for its use I would strongly recommend that to anyone that had an interest. To help others in making the decision let me address couple other items that were especially good on this case.

    On the inside is the traditional divider system made from nylon with a Velcro-style attachment system. The pieces were measured for precise fitment. They are easy to adjust which is very helpful should you find that you want the case for many of the other uses I can imagine it being used for. Out of curiosity tonight I took a few of my photography accessories and fit them within the case to test overall look and feel. Unfortunately the case is not large enough for an SDLR lens into, but it certainly worked well spare batteries and a charger.

    I also tried the case with a couple small pedals for my guitar. This included a TC-Helicon Ditto and a Pocket Pod; both of which included a power supply and cords. Because of the combination of strength in the overall case and flexibility of the covers I found that both items could fit fairly easily. I can also see this is good place to stash pics, tuners, extra strings in a variety of other small things a player needs within the practice Hall or even a friends garage.

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  • By Leo Costello

    August 13, 2015

    Fits ALL Cards Against Humanity AND Crabs Adjust Humidity cards with room for more! A MUST FOR HORRIBLE PEOPLE!

    I love this case! It's durable and portable. The ONLY issue I have with it is the rounded corners. If the interior corners were at 90 degree angles, the cards would fit just a little bit better. This is a MUST for serious Cards Against Humanity collectors!

    It fits all of the following Cards Against Humanity expansion packs with room for 1-3 more (I have about 2,000 cards and I'm using 3 out of the 4 dividers provided)!

    - Original Cards Against Humanity
    - First Expansion
    - Second Expansion
    - Third Expansion
    - Fourth Expansion
    - Fifth Expansion
    - Sixth Expansion
    - The Bigger Blacker Box Expansion (don't forget the biggest, blackest dick!)
    - 90s Expansion Pack
    - Design Pack
    - Science Pack
    - 2012 Holiday Pack
    - 2013 Holiday Pack
    - 2014 Holiday Pack
    - House of Cards Against Humanity Pack
    - Crabs Adjust Humidity 1 (unofficial)
    - Crabs Adjust Humidity 2 (unofficial)
    - Crabs Adjust Humidity 3 (unofficial)
    - Crabs Adjust Humidity 4 (unofficial)

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  • By BM_TX

    April 21, 2016

    Five Stars

    Perfect for care of cards

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  • By Redburns

    April 6, 2016

    Hold the CAH Base set, Expansions 1-6, all ...

    Hold the CAH Base set, Expansions 1-6, all smaller theme packs, and all the PAX Prime and PAX East sets with room to spare

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