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Smatree Power-Case G260P with Built-in power bank for Gopro hero4 and Accessories-Smatree 3-Channel Charger Included (10.1x 7.6x 2.9 inches)

10.1x 7.6x 2.9 inches

Product Specification:

10.5 x 8.5 x 3 inches
Package Contents:
1) Power-Case G260P X1
2) Smatree 3-Channel ChargerX1
3) 80cm USB cord X1
4) 13cm USB cord X1
5) User Guide X1

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The worlds first Rechargeable Gopro 4 Case By Smatree

1. One slot specially designed for putting your Smatree charger to charge your batteries. 2. It can also accommodate 1 Hero4 Session+ 1 gopro 4/3/3+ OR 2 gopro 4/3/3+ , one wifi remote, batteries,memory cards and other accessories.(Refers to the picture. Camera,Wifi remote, batteries and accessories are not included)

The built-in power banks capacity is 5000mAH. It brings great convenience and saves you time when you are doing outdoor sports or forgetting to charge your camera or batteries

Elastic mesh pocket with a zipper enlarges the storage space for cables or other accessories and keep them in good condition.We provide 3 year warranty. GS260P is in Patented design.

Convenient hand strap and caribiner loop for easy carrying. The loop can be easily attached to a belt or large bag

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4.93(based on 14 reviews)

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  • By bradybunch

    April 25, 2016

    GoPro Case with Power Bank, Perfect Case

    Why didn't I think of this? Sure I have a case, I have a portable power supply, I have a charger, I have batteries and I have a GoPro 4. Yes, all in the same case. But I stopped there, I never thought of hooking them all up inside the case. Some people will say it takes up too much room in the case, but I had all of that in the case already! Now with this case everything works together. I can now stop looking for a case for my son and give him my old one. This case is well made and sturdy, it offers great protection for the camera and all of the batteries and accessories inside. It does not say waterproof, but it appears a little rain would not hurt it. There are adjustable compartments inside for batteries, SD cards, remotes wires and of course space for 2 cameras. The elastic mesh pocket with a zipper enlarges the storage space. The power bank has a capacity of 5000mAh, this along with a triple battery charger with the required cables should keep you going all day. This is a great deal at a great price. You will not be disappointed, of course my son will be, he is getting the old case! The craftsmanship and design are outstanding. The case even has a convenient hand strap and a loop for easy carrying. This is the perfect case for my GoPro.

    • Superior Quality
    • 3 Year Warranty
    • 500 mAh Built in Power Bank
    • Holds two GoPro’s
    • So Roomy
    There are no flaws with this case.
    This would make a wonderful gift for the GoPro lover in your life. I would without a doubt recommend this case to my family, friends and GoPro consumers. It will not disappoint you only impress you.
    I was chosen to review this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. I enjoy reviewing and take it seriously. All opinions are 100% my own. In no way am I influenced.

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  • By iReview It

    April 21, 2016

    STRONG,WELL STRUCTURED case with 5000mAh integrated Power Bank !!!!

    Over all i LOVE this Case !! is The best that Smatree can ever made ! For my timelapses is a huge help so you dont need to use your battery power until The 5000mAh runs out and then the gopro start using the battery power.The case is amazing strong and protective so all the accesories you keep inside will be SAFE from accidents.I currently dont have a Gopro 4 BUT wotk more than amazing with my Gopro 3,i just conect my Smatree Rapid Dual Charger W/USB Cable for GoPro Hero3 and do the same function than with the gopro 4 charger that is included with the case ! the 5000mAh power bank can charge almost 5 times 1 Factory Gopro battery (1050mAh),4 times 1 Smatree 1200mAh or 2 times 2 Smatree 1200mAh batteries together SO IS AN AMAZING FEAUTURE this power bank option on your case on the GO ! You never will run out of "juice" is PERFECT to go on vacations with a lot of options to store your accesories,SD cards(2 cards) 7 batteries !! (if you use the 2 battery charger like a holster disconected from the power bank and the slots on the case) I love the real strong Aluminum Buckle that give you the secure option to hold it to your backpack/purse/belt or large bag at any moment without the need to grab it at all times. This awesome really achieves the goal to charge,carry,store and protect your Gopro at all time ! And the best of All, IT HAVE 3 YEARS OF WARRANTY !!! just think about it ! 3 years so you know that is an amazing investment for a really LOW price with a LOT of amazing options aditional that is more than WELL STRUCTURED. This is a MUST have if you got an Gopro 4,it dont empty your wallet and really protect and give you juice for Never run out of those special moments ! As you can seee in the picture this is an upgrade from my smatree small case to this amazing Smatree Power Case and with my Smahat nad Smaspike i am ready for Adventures !!!

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  • By Adventurer

    April 27, 2016

    Smatree SmaPac GP2000 Multi-function Backpack

    There are a ton of features I love with this backpack. To start, the pack is made of very heavy duty material. The pack itself is very sturdy and comfortable when you are wearing it. It has an adjustable waist and upper chest clip to ensure proper fit. The main straps are adjustable as well like most backpacks are. The GoPro case built into the back of it I can tell is great quality. The fabric appears to look something like Cordura and is rigid and strong, and the case is well padded. All of this provides great protection for your GoPro cameras. The custom foam cutouts are nice too, since you can have all the space you need for SD cards, batteries, bacpac accessories and more. The cutouts have the option to fit GoPro Hero and Session chassis cameras. The foam is placed inside a tray, which can be removed by a thumb tab inside the case at the top so you can get the foam out and punch out whatever cutouts you decide to use. There are two water-bottle style elastic holsters as you can see in the main product picture, two horizontal straps near the top of the backpack to compress the pack as well as adjustable elastic bands on both sides which appear to be for attaching action poles, although I use it for securing my tripod. The rear GoPro mount above the case is made of plastic, but is very sturdy. I feel that if you attached an extender pole to get more of a 3rd person view, it would still hole the camera steady and the mount would not wobble, again due to the thick, hard material the mount is built into. There is also an adjustable strap mount on the front chest strap of the backpack, which can be positioned either on the left or right shoulder strap and moved up/down simply via a screw on the mount itself. The mount is extremely durable being made of billet aluminum, and offers an excellent fit with all of my GoPro QR plate attachments. The backpack itself has a large amount of storage options and also has a rain cover in a hidden pocket on the bottom of the pack. This product definitely exceeds my expectations and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a bomb-proof camera pack. Comes with 2 J-Hook mounts and 2 plastic thumbscrews.

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  • By mrmikethehippie

    2016/12/13 11:09:10

    incredibly space and time saving

    Charge your go pro batteries with the included multi battery charger. use this with my go pro 4S and fits my everyday accessories i usually use when out recording (smaspike,extendable monopod,all my batteries, remote,remote charger,thumb screws,cords,small case for micro sd cards) and more room left.
    5000mah charger built in attached into the case, not removeable
    I dont leave home without this...

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