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Smatree SmaPole S3 Detachable Extendable Floating Pole for GoPro Hero 6/5/4/3+/3/2/1/Session (12.5"-39.5")


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Smapole S3 Extendable Floating Pole (12.5"-39.5") for GoPro Hero 5, 4, Session, 3+, 3, 2, 1 HD Camera

  -A flating pole 39.5", but easily carry around, best selfie stick for travelers!

Extendable pole (12.5"-28") closely integrated with a floating pole(12.5"), Smapole S3 (12.5"-39.5") appear.

Two poles can be used alone, or with them connected together.

S3 meets your needs both in water and on land, to be of use in all weather conditions.

The unique combination is really convenient for your trip, dont miss it!

Package List:

1 x Extendable Pole

1 x Floating Pole

1 x 1/4" Tripod Mount Adapter

1 x Black Thumbscrew

1 x Ajustable Wrist Strap

S3 is the longest floating pole for gopro on the current market, reach 39.5" when it fully extend.

S3 is combined with one extendable pole( from 12.5" to 28") and one floating pole(12.5"). These two poles can be divided and used separately.

S3 is made of high class aluminium alloy and carbon fiber, adopt CNC production engineering tech to ensure it lighter and stronger.

S3 is 12.5" when it fully folded. It can be loaded in Smacase G360 or most of backpacks.

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4.77(based on 117 reviews)

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  • By Brennan Phillips

    April 13, 2016

    Best GoPro Pole

    I am loving this pole. It is very sturdy and versatile. I love how it can be used as three different poles. I mainly use the standard extension, but in the water the floating carbon fiber pole works nicely as well. i can think of countless ways and arrangements to use this pole. Smatree always produces amazing products at very good prices and this definitely lives up to its name. The only thing that I am disapointed about this pole is that it barely doesn't fit in my SmaCase G260sl. Which is alright becasuse I just carry it seperately, but it would be nice if I didn't have to. Overall it is a great product and is a must have if you have a GoPro.

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  • By Amazon Customer

    April 13, 2016

    Five Stars

    works great

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  • By Todd J Handley

    April 12, 2016

    Really nice. I just wish the carbon fiber pole was ...

    Really nice. I just wish the carbon fiber pole was a little shorter since already provided extension pole. It is a little longer than I like for something you are carrying around all day, but I kinda expected this.

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  • By Kvancy

    April 15, 2016

    Light, compact with enough extension.

    I love this pole, it is easy and light to carry.The aluminum and carbon fiber finish is great!. But I hope they can do a all carbon fiber version, That would be more light.

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