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Smatree SmaCase G260sw Carrying Case for Gopro Hero 6, 5,4, 3+, 3, 2,1 (Camera and Accessories NOT included)-Black&Blue

10.6" x8.3" x2.8"

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10.6" x8.3" x2.8"

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SmaCase G260s features an excellent ideal cut EVA foam interior to keep your camera and accessories organized and protected in place. We apply high density EVA foam interior for greater durability to conform to the shape of your cameras and accessories.


Elastic mesh pocket with a durable zipper on the top enlarges the storage space for cables or other accessories and keep them in good condition.


Supportive Carry handle and D-Ring Caribiner buckle allow you carry the case directly or attach to a larger bag or belt.

[SIZE 10.6" x8.3" x2.8"]Rational design, Medium large size will allow you to conveniently store the case in carry-on luggage when traveling; recommend for traveling and home storage.


For more than 2 GoPro cameras + housing, housing backdoors, SD memory card, battery, power plug, remote control, battery pack, LCD.

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  • By gigglez916

    2015/2/19 12:04:02

    Solid GoPro case

    I was originally little worried that this case would be too big for my needs, but as I slowly accumulate all these accessories, it doesn't seem too bad. It holds everything quite nicely. It'll fit in a backpack if you're traveling, but it will take up quite a bit of room.

    -Very sturdy exterior. It's very stiff, yet flexible. It'll protect your equipment pretty well.
    -Foam is dense. Your things will be protected from any drops. The blue color provides a nice contrast to all the black accessories, making it easier to see.
    -Mesh pocket is nice. Throw all your random stuff into here so it won't be bouncing around everywhere.
    -Zippers are very smooth. Doesn't choke up anywhere yet, so it'll last.

    -Foam smells bad. When I first got it and opened up the case, there's a strong smell of foam/chemical. It'll go away after a day or two though.
    -I have a Hero4 silver, and the cutout on the foam for the side button is slightly off so it rubs up against one of the corners.

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  • By TNwin

    April 24, 2015

    Smatrees best case so far!

    First off I would like to say thank you to Smatree for a super fast shipping I need this ASAP for my up coming trip and got it delivered fast.

    Smatree is no stranger when it comes to accessories for your gopro. I'm fairly new to the gopro world and this is my 3rd product from them (Smatree SmaPole F1 Floating Hand Grip and Smatree SmaPole Y1 Telescopic Handheld Selfie Pole and Smatree® 1290mAh Replacement battery (2-Pack) + 3-Channel charger + USB Cord for Gopro Hero 4 Camera Camcorder) see below for links to them.

    When i opened the package, I immediately noticed just how sturdy the case was the build and the lightweight of the hard shell. Material is high quality and I feel my gopro will be safe when its closed while the appealing of the hard shell look very sleek.

    On the inside the EVA foam filling is great, only take out what you want or customizing to your liking. A nice mesh pocket with a zipper where you can store cords, small tools. Zipper are very smooth when accessing it and it does the job well.

    Very solid case and well designed. I will definitely recommend this product if you own a gopro. Its a must have case out of others.

    More Smatree:
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    Smatree SmaPole F1 Floating Hand Grip / Gopro Pole / Bobber (Aluminum & Carbon-fibre Materials) integrated with aluminium alloy Tripod Mount and Nut + One Black Screw for GoPro Hero 4, 3+, 3, 2, 1 and SJ4000, SJ5000 Cameras and Comcorders

    Smatree® 1290mAh Replacement battery (2-Pack) + 3-Channel charger + USB Cord for Gopro Hero 4 Camera Camcorder

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  • By Magellanous

    April 2, 2015

    The size is just right

    I own a GoPro 4, three batteries and various mounts. I didn't want something all that big but big enough to hold what I had. For someone with the GoPro, cables, batteries and the mobile mount, this is perfect.
    The foam comes precut and can be esaily pulled out with needle nose or tweesers as needed to customize the case. The zipper pocket on the inside cover is perfect for the cables, mini charging cradles, screws and mount adapters.

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  • By Garry English

    April 1, 2015

    Great product, great price

    This is my third Smatree product. I have found that their products are built with high-quality, and the price to be extremely reasonable. The SmaCase is no exception. It is perfect for my day trips. I can load most of my GoPro accessories into the case. I like how you can customize the form interior for you needs. The quickdraw that comes with the case is a wonderful idea and I have used it a few times when I don't have enough room in my backpack, I simply clip the SmaCase to the exterior of my bag. Highly recommended if you're looking for a small compact case for your GoPro gear.

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