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Smatree Battery (2-Pack) and Rapid Dual Charger for GoPro HD HERO3+,3 and GoPro AHDBT-201, 301, 302 Including Wall Charger +Dual USB Car Charger + US & European Plug

1200 mAh

Product Specification:

Capacity: 1200mAh
Output: 4.2V
Input: 5V, 2A
Weight: 3.2 ounces
Size: 4.8 x 3.4 x 1.3 in

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Smatree® Power Battery (2-Pack) and Dual Charger + Wall Charger for GoPro® Hero3+/3

Compatible with GoPro’s.

Batteries and chargers are fully compatible with the GoPro Hero3 and Hero3+ cameras

Batteries with 1200mAh.
Each battery features Japanese cells for 1200mAh.

Rapid Dual Charger with AC Wall Charger.

Rapid USB dual charger can fully charge 1 or 2 batteries at a time within a couple hours

Dual USB CAR and WALL chargers allow you to charge a tablet and other device simultaneously; Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, HTC, Blackberry, Samsung Tab and other devices such as cameras or phones


A 3-year manufacturer warranty and 30 days money back no hassel

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4.51(based on 275 reviews)

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Recent Reviews
  • By Davey B.


    Excellent 2-pack battery and charger kit with some great advantages over other sets

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  • By William Xiang


    2 pcs 1200mAh battery,1.5 hours to fully charged. I like smatree dual charger. great product!

    Cost 20+ dollars to get this smatree battery and charger pack. include 1 dual channel battery charger, 1 home charger( two usb output), 1 car USB charger ( two usb output), and 2 pcs 1200mah Smatree gopro batteries. All of these, less than 30 dollors. I really can't expect more. really amazing!

    below is my test :
    1. Smatree dual charger test : Charge 2 smatree batteries in same time.
    CH1 cost 1h28m to full;
    CH2 cost 1h 35m to full
    ( the led light turn to green from red. Before test, i have already used up the energy by power on my hero 3).

    2. Wall charger and car charger test: i am not a electronics engineer. I also haven't professional tools to test these two chargers. I used this wall charger and car charger to charge my ipad 2 and iphone same time. no problem. it worked well. So I feel they have a good performance as the label shown" 5V, 2.1A".

    3. smatree gopro battery test : under condition of 1080P/30fps, smatree battery last 1h50m, Gopro original lasts 1h38m. oWh, great smatree.

    So I strongly recommend Smatree batteries and dual battery charger to every gopro player. absolutely smart buy!!

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  • By m.a.r.i.l.y.n


    What You See is Not Necessarily What You Get

    Consider yourself warned: the charger and adapters that you receive may vary greatly from those in the product listing. The wall charger and USB charger I received were both white, with the former stamped "iPad". I also didn't receive the European adapter.

    The color does not affect performance. The wall charger powers the dual charger via the included mini USB to USB cable. The dual charger has a red light for each battery that turns green when each one is charged. The lights turned off when I removed the Smatree batteries the first time around, but after I removed a GoPro OEM battery from the charger the green light remained lit. I wouldn't really mind that the wall charger is white, except it lights up blue when plugged in. It's a pointless waste of electricity, and it can be very annoying if you charge your electronics overnight in your bedroom.

    I haven't had the opportunity to test the car charger, but I expect it will work. The batteries need to be cycled through a few times before I can get a true sense of how long they'll last when filming and how long it will take to charge them when they are completely depleted, so no comment on that yet. What I can tell you about the batteries now is that the ones I received needed to be charged first time out of the box and they fit my GoPro Hero3 Black.

    Conclusion: Solid product for the money, but the mismatched products make for a lousy presentation.

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  • By Jayhova


    Good power options and flexiblity

    I'm giving 4 out of 5 since I don't know how well the batteries will last or hold up. However, if they are the same as the other Smatree batteries they should be fine. This kit comes with some nice options and connectors for charing the Smatree and Original GoPro battery (yes the Hero3+ battery fits). I also like the ability to charge two at once. I can't comment yet on exact charging times since I have only had it for a very short time and have not had the opportunity to charge a completely dead battery and keep track.

    The included power brick in this kit is simply a brick with USB connectors and a charger with USB connector. The added bonus is also a car charge which is simply a cigarette lighter adapter with USB connectors. What this means is you can really use these with anything USB. All in all a very flexible option and as long as the batteries are the same quality as the other highly rated Smatree products this should be a great buy for the price.

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